Domestic abuse is not a gender issue.

If you are living with an abusive partner and intend to continue to do so, I can help you to increase your strength and resilience in the relationship. Learn strategic ways of communicating with an abusive person.

If you want to leave an abusive partner I can help empower you to make the decision. Develop a safety plan and strategies to make the move when you feel ready. I can help with strategies to cope with any negative impacts.

If you have already left an abusive partner I can help you to increase your ability and commitment to continue living without the abusive person in your life. Heal from abuse and be supported in creating a new life – reclaim control over your life.


Regardless of your situation I can support you to:

  • Make sense of your issues.
  • Decide on some goals, assist you with strategies and motivation to achieve your goals.
  • Gain skills to cope with emotional distress.
  • Clarify your thoughts, needs, and wants.
  • Learn proven techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Feel more hopeful, positive, and alive.
  • Arm you with strategies to cope with debilitating anger, and other effects the abuse is having on you.
  • Work with you to lay the ground for you to grow and flourish into your full alive authentic self.


If you are a friend or family member wanting to support your loved ones, I can assist you to:

  • Understand the dynamics of coercive control and abuse specifically related to what your friend/family member may be experiencing.
  • Establish a range of strategies suited to the situation you’re dealing with.

If this is something you are struggling with and would like to chat further, email me at